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Autoimmunity Close Up

Autoimmunity Close Up

Scientific excellence and international commitment

A. Menarini Diagnostics’ competitive strengths include its diverse technological expertise and commitment to scientific innovation.

We provide two publications in the field.

Autoimmunity Highlights, a peer-reviewed Englishlanguage journal published by pringer, was launched in 2010 with an unconditional grant from Menarini.

Autoimmunity Close Up builds on this by bringing autoimmunity-related news into the laboratory, and serving as a bridge between the clinic, the laboratory and specialists in the complex world of autoimmunity diagnosis.

It differs from Autoimmunity Highlights in being a house organ that includes also marketing and advertising material, but maintains a strong scientific focus on autoimmune disease testing. Moreover, Autoimmunity Close Up supports physicians by disseminating the latest scientific information on the autoimmune diseases themselves.

Autoimmunity - Close UP

Number 1 - October 2014

Number 2 - June 2015

Number 3 - December 2015

Number 4 - March 2016

Number 5 - October 2016

Number 6 - May 2017

Number 7 - May 2018

Throughout more than 35 years, A. Menarini Diagnostics has expanded beyond immediate geographical barriers to open up new frontiers in the world of diagnostics. We have always put our collective knowledge and expertise at the service of healthcare professionals and patients, seeking global dissemination of the benefits resulting from our decades of effort and experience. Autoimmunity has been a strategic area since the late 1990’s.

Our scientific support includes literature support, organization of international symposia, attendance at important events, and opinion leader networking.


  • More than 10 mono-sponsored symposia from 2002
  • Regular attendance at international congresses on autoimmunity, with workshops and other activities
  • Local presence at most European congresses on autoimmunity
  • Hundreds of posters and abstracts presented at congresses

autoimmunity - close UP