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ImPath DS Block

ImPath DS Block

ImPath DS Block is hydrogen peroxidase block that is intended for the antibodies that require the blocking of endogenious peroxidase prior to target retrieval of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections in an immunohistochemistry (IHC) procedure in conjunction with ImPath36.

MD Catalogue: 46174


Volume or Test: 100 tests

IFU (Instructions For Use)
46174_Impath DS Block_EN.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__IT.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__DE.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__ES.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__FR.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block_NL.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__PT.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__EL.pdf
SDS (Safety Data Sheets)
46174_Impath DS Block__MSDS__EN.pdf 46174_ImPath DS Block__MSDS__IT.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__MSDS_DE.pdf 46174_ImPath DS Block__MSDS__ES.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__MSDS__FR.pdf 46174_ImPath DS Block__MSDS__NL.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__PT.pdf 46174_Impath DS Block__MSDS__EL.pdf
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