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ImPath DS Buffer

ImPath DS Buffer

ImPath DS Buffer is used to replace Dewax Solution 2 (DS2) for the antibodies that DS2 are not suitable for prior to target retrieval of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections in an immunohistochemistry (IHC) procedure in conjunction with ImPath 36.

MD Catalogue: 46173


Volume or Test: 100

IFU (Instructions For Use)
46173_Impath DS Buffer_EN.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer__IT.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer__DE.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer__ES.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer__FR.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer_NL.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer_NL.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer__EL.pdf
SDS (Safety Data Sheets)
46173_Impath DS Buffer__MSDS__EN.pdf 46173_ImPath DS Buffer__MSDS__IT.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer__MSDS_DE.pdf 46173_ImPath DS Buffer__MSDS__ES.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer__MSDS__FR.pdf 46173_ImPath DS Buffer__MSDS__NL.pdf 46173_ImPath DS Buffer___MSDS__PT.pdf 46173_Impath DS Buffer__MSDS__EL.pdf
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