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Two ways to be unique


An exclusive and versatile system enabling the determination ofHbA1c and hemoglobinopathies in a single analytical run

Meeting today’s challengeswhile looking towards the future

Incredible versatility and simplicity


HA-8180T is the new A. Menarini Diagnostics HPLC analyzer, which, thanks to the perfect combination of technological innovation and usability, is able to effectively and flexibly contribute to the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes as well as the diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies.

In fact, the fully automated system enables the determination of HbA1c, hemoglobin A2, fetal hemoglobin, as well as the detection of hemoglobin variants in the same analytical run without compromising chromatographic separation whatsoever. It has the exclusive advantage of performing these two assays without needing tochange the column or eluents.


Exclusive features and automation for precise and accurate results

The analyzer that meets your needs


HA-8180T is completely automated and requires minimumintervention by the operator, allowing maximum workflow efficiency.

The analyzer provides a result every 3.5 minutes, ensuring an output of 17 samples per hour. Thanks to the extremely short initialization time (1.9 minutes), the first result is guaranteed within just 5.4 minutes from the START.

Operators may program automatic start-up at various times for each day of the week and the large-size color LCD isplay provides immediate and clear instructions and information for each operational phase.


The HA-8180T column has excellent durability, it is easily replaceable and equipped with an integrated pre-filter that minimizes maintenance. Its temperature is set at 39°C, ensuring elevated stability of the operating environment. The automatic calibration procedure allows the calibration of one, two or all analytical parameters set (HbA1c, HbA2, HbF) in a single run. Calibration is highly stable.


In addition to continuous sample loading, HA-8180T has a standard capacity of 10 racks of 10 samples each, as well as a STAT-port for urgent testing. The analyzer automatically performs barcode scanning, sample stirring, tube cap piercing and sample dilution. The operator’s work is simplified by the presence of racks dedicated to whole blood, anemic, pre-diluted and cup samples, as well as calibrators and controls.


Eluents are packed in aluminum packs that protect them from air and light, ensuring greater stability.
The analyzer’s software enables complete traceability and allows recording of the eluent lot number and expiration date on each result printed.
Operators may check eluent levels from the display and the presence of internal reservoirs allows continuous eluent loading without interrupting the analytical run.
Maximum usability is also ensured by full compatibility between different lots of individual eluents and of the column.




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