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Aution Eleven

Aution Eleven

With Aution Eleven, A. Menarini Diagnostic’s Aution Orchestra family of semi-automatic urine analysers, boasts a brand new member which already stands out from the rest. Aution Eleven’s compact design (210x328x164) competes with that of the smallest analysers. Its highly flexible platform is easy to use, fast (1 test/7 seconds) and has innovative specs, such as automatic start, automatic maintenance functions and a reversible strip setting, rendering the system more cost effective.

Aution Eleven checks 11 chemical-physical parameters with extreme precision through a broad and detailed reading scale. It is able to detect 23 different colour tones and automatically signals any abnormal colour of the urine sample. Its high accuracy and absolute reliability make it the perfect instrument for both occasional or high-throughput testing, meeting the needs of both small or big laboratories.

"Let your lab ride the new Aution wave"


Aution Eleven

  • Compact and light-weight (3.6 kg)

  • Automatic start function

  • Reversible strip setting

  • Excess urine suction by capillary action

  • Easy maintenance – no screws to open

  • Temperature compensation (10-30°C)

  • Colour-tone measurement (23 colour-tones)

  • Detailed printout

  • Automatic feeder & timer

  • 514 tests/hour – 1 test every 7 seconds

  • RS-232C PC output



AUTION 11 specifications



Meas. Item

GLU, PRO, BIL, URO, KET, Ph, NIT, BLD, LEU, SG, Colour tone

Meas. Wavelengths

4 wavwlength LED (430, 565, 635, 760 nm)

Meas. Method

Test strip; Single (BLD only) or Dual Wavelength Reflectance Method

Meas. Range

See table above

Test Strip

Aution Sticks 10 EA – Uriflet S 9UB

Test Strip Reaction Time

60 sec.

Measuring Time

514 samples/hour

Excess Urine Removal

Suction by capillary action

Memory Capacity

520 Tests


Customised liquid crystal display (iconized)

Built-in Printer

32-digit thermal recording printer (58 mm width)

External Output

RS-232C, Ethernet (optional)

Transmission Rate

300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 bps

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 10°-30° C
Humidity: 30-80%

Meas. Conditions

Temperature: 10°-30° C (with temperature compensation function)
Humidity: 30-60%

Power Supply

AC 230V, 50/60 Hz

Power Input

Max 45 W


210 (W) – 328 (D) – 164 (H)


Approximately 3,6 Kg