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new Aution Max


Aution Max

A. Menarini Diagnostics, leader in the field of urinalysis systems, beats its own record by presenting a new version of Aution MAX which features substantial enhancements. An additional strip feeder almosttriple the capacity in memory (2700 results) increase the autonomy of the device and a new, larger color LCD display with a functional IVD keypad allows enhanced reading of the results. Easy to set-up (2 minutes) and to mantain, Aution MAX AX-4030 can manage advanced, heavy-duty urinalysis routines and work in full online/offline with a dedicated backuo environment. Like its predecessor, the new Aution MAX can interface with A.Menarini Diagnostics' sediMAX to create a fully automated system combining full urine chemistry and urine particle analysis.



Aution Max 4030

  • Fully automated operation

  • Throughput 225 samples/hour

  • Two test strip feeders (400 strips)

  • Automatic test strip recognition

  • Large Color Liquid Crystal Display

  • Turbidity and Specific Gravity measurement

  • Colour-tone measurement (23 colours)

  • Automatic temperature compensation

  • Liquid surface detection function

  • Bar code sample control

  • 2700 results memory capacity

  • Maximum sample measurement reliability with carry-over effect control





Meas. Item

GLU, KET, BIL, NIT, PRO, Ph, BLD, LEU, CRE, Specific Gravity, Colour tone, Turbidity (Pro/Cre ratio by calculation)

Meas. Wavelengths

430, 500, 565, 635, 760 nm

Meas. Method

Test strip: Dual (Single) wavelength reflectance method Specific gravity:Transmissio refractometry method Coloration: reflectivity measurement method Turbidity: Light-scattering measurement method

Meas. Range

Specific gravity: 1.000-1.050 (Resolution: 0.001) Colouration: 23 different colour-tone simultaneously Turbidity: Clear, Turbid or Excessively turbid

Test Strip

Uriflet S 9UB, Aution Sticks 10EA and 10PA

Test Strip Reaction Time

Approx. 60 sec.

Measuring Time

225 samples/hour

Max. Loading Strip

400 strips (200 strips x 2 feeder boxes)

Required Sample Vol.

2.0 ml

Absorbing Sample Vol.

0.90 ml

Sample Container

Urine sample tube

Max. Loading Sample

100 samples

Memory Capacity

2700 tests (including 200 control tests)


Large color LCD display (320 x 240 dots)

Built-in Printer

24 digits thermal printer (58 mm width)

External Output

RS-232C interface, Ethernet (option)

Transmission Rate

300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 bps

Operating Condition

Temperature: 10°-30° C /Humidity: 20-80%

Meas. Condition

Temperature: 10°-30° C (with temperature compensation function) Humidity: 30-60%

Power Supply

AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Input

Max. 150 VA


Analyser: 530 (W) X 330 (D) X 530 (H) mm Sampler: 530 (W) X 200 (D) X 130 (H) mm


Analyser: 37 Kg, Sampler: 4 Kg