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new Aution Micro


Aution Micro

The new version of Aution Micro is the lightest, smallest and smartest portable urinalysis device on the market and features the latest technological innovations and provides crucial improvements in terms of reliability, measurement accuracy and power autonomy.

Switch on Aution Micro, dip a test strip in the urine sample and insert it in the analyzer: in one minute the test result appear on the LCD display, ready for instant printing.

Exclusive thermal, urine colour and SG corrections functions guarantee maximum accuracy of the measurement, while full PC-compatibility, USB port and removable printer ensure Aution Micro's all-round scalability.

In addition to its amazing compactness and performances, a long-life LED reflectance system and the possibility to operate Aution Micro either with batteries or AC adaptor makes it an ideal tool for facing efficiently the modern healthcare necessities.


Aution Micro

  • Light, compact and simple

  • Easy Operation and Daily Maintenance

  • PC compatible

  • Wide Sticks Compatibility

  • Memory Capacity: 100 tests

  • Throughput: 50 tests/h

  • Removable Printer

  • Battery Powered

  • Extreme portability

  • Automatic Temperature Correction

  • Long Life Led System





Test strip:

Aution Sticks 10EA and 10PA, Uriflet S 9UB, Aution Screen

Meas. Principle:

Test strip; Single (BLD only) or Dual Wavelength Reflectance Method

Sample supply:

Manual Dipping

Test Strip Reaction Time:

Approx. 60 sec/test


Triple wavelength, individual LED ( 565,632,755 nm)




Test strip, sample No., ID (13 digits), values

Operating Panel:

Panel sheet (total 14 keys)

Memory Capacity:

100 tests

Thermal Correction Function:

Automatic Correction Function by internal thermostat (10-30 °C)

SG Correction Function:

Automatic Correction according to pH measurement value

External Output:

Conformed to RS - 232C

Meas. Condition:

Temperature: 10-30 °C

Humidity: 20-80% RH


124(W) x 81 (D) x 36 (H) mm


180 gr

Power Supply:

2 Size AA alkalin batteries ( or AC adapter)




180 gr.

Power Supply:

AC adapter

Power consumption:


Connection with analyzer:

One touch connection (with simple lock)


36 digits Line Thermal Printer

Printer Paper:

Thermal Printer Paper 58 mm width


125 (W) x 133 (D) x 36 (H) mm