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GlucoMen® Day CGM

General Features
Sensor + Transmitter Size
3.5 x 2.5 x 0.9 cm
Sensor Duration
14 days
Sensor Warm Up Time
55 min
Measurement Frequency
1 min
Sensor Storage Temperature
5-35 °C
1/day (2 for day 1 only). For the calibration a dedicated glucose meter (GlucoMen® Day METER) is provided for free with the Devices Kit, and 25 strips are provided for free with every CGM Sensor.
Intended Population
Adults, children (6+), pregnant women, persons on dialysis, and persons who are critically ill.
Measuring Principle
Electrochemical measurement by wire-type GOD-based biosensor
Measuring Site
Subcutis (interstitial fluid)

Sensor Inserter
Insertion Area
Insertion Mechanism
Insertion Type
Needle-free (Sensor is inserted without any guide-needle)
Inserter Use Life
Reusable (up to 5 years)

Use Life
Reusable (up to 5 years)
Battery Type
Recharge Time
Up to 4 hours
15 days of data
Transmission Distance
Transmission Type
Bluetooth Low Energy

App and Data
Data Sharing
Cloud, email
High/Low glucose, Rapid glucose change, Predictive alarms
App Compatibility
Android and iOS
Click here to see the list of compatible devices.
Data Analysis Software
GlucoLog, Diasend
Available Data Analysis (from App and Software)
AGP, Time In Range, Average, SD, CV%