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Zenit RA

The information to be found in this section is intended for the exclusive use of healthcare professionals.



  • ZENIT RA Cuvette Cube, Pack of 960 cuvettes | Cod. 41402
  • ZENIT RA System Liquid, 1 bottle of 0.5 L of 10X solution | Cod. 41409
  • ZENIT RA Wash Solution, 1 bottle of 0.5 L of 20X solution | Cod. 41407
  • ZENIT RA Trigger Set, 1 flask of 250 mL of Trigger A (pre-activation solution), 1 flask of 250 mL of Trigger B (activation solution) | Cod. 41403
  • ZENIT RA D-SORB Solution, Pack of 2 bottles of 1 L ready to use solution | Cod. 41436
  • ZENIT RA Cartridge Checking System | Cod. 41401
  • ZENIT RA Top Cap Set, 300 caps for closing calibrators containers after first us | Cod. 41566


…and soon in Serology

Currently available immunoassays are listed in the previouos page. Active collaborations between A. Menarini Diagnostics and clinicians and researchers world-wide provide a constantly expanding menu of highly specific next generation disease markers.

Kit characteristics and advantages
  • Clinically validated quantitative assays
  • Bar-coded, ready to use cartridges
  • Magnetic particle-based principle
  • On-board stability of reagent cartridge: 4-8 weeks
  • Analytical performances evaluated according to the CLSI guidelines
  • Calibration stable for 3 weeks*
  • Pack of 50-100 tests
*if not stated otherwise on instructions for use