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Zenit UP

The information to be found in this section is intended for the exclusive use of healthcare professionals.

Zenit UP Autoimmunity

Zenti UP is the new “all-in-one” automated ELISA microplate, IFA slide and AMiDot microarray processor available exclusively in the Zenit series. Zenit UP is the complete solution for processing ELISA, IFA and microarray assays in the same session, on the same platform.


Zenit UP is the brand new, accurate and reliable, all-in-one, microplate and slide processor solution for automation of ELISA and IFA methods.


Zenit UP is the brand new, accurate and reliable,all-in-one, microplate and slide processor solution for automation of ELISA and IFA methods.

In the same run.

  • Improve your laboratory’s performance
  • rise UP automation in the lab’s workflow
  • rise UP accuracy in the working process
  • rise UP reliability in outcomes and results
  • without giving UP to your productivity goals
Now it’s UP to you.


Upgrade your lab with the Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability of the new Zenit UP.

  • IFA and ELISA methods can be run in the same session
  • One PC can manage multiple Zenit UP instruments
  • Automatic calculation of reagent volume consumption
  • Incubator integrated on board with 4 independent positions
  • You can choose the number of analysis, samples and the size of vials
  • Step by step execution of a test method
  • 3-row and mosaic slides management system (as HEp-2 + tissues)
  • IFA well-by-well washing procedure
  • On board integrated barcode reader
  • Automatic assignment of reagent position


Details that make the difference.Your daily workflow has never been so efficient before Zenit UP.


Thanks to the IFA well-by-well washing procedure of the new Zenit UP.

  • The continuous flow system for sigle well uses two needles, one to dispense and one to aspirate.
  • Great accuracy, absolute reliability and no risk of cross contamination.


A new, easy to use, dedicated software gives you total control on every feature of the new Zenit UP.

The new Zenit UP’s management software represents another crucial part of the system: it has been designed to maximize efficiency and easeness of use and allows you to setup the work list, run a session, create and store the patient reports.

It runs under Windows XP and Windows 7 system and shows several features such as:

  • simultaneous execution of ELISA and IFA sessions
  • integrated bar code reader allowing automatic sample code acquisition
  • setup of a new work list also when a session is running
  • step by step session execution
  • print out of results, work lists, rack configurations
  • overnight incubations
  • management of 3 row slides and mosaic slides (as HEp-2+Tissues)
  • different levels of user permissions
  • host computer interface (LIS)
  • several instruments can be driven by the same PC