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The information to be found in this section is intended for the exclusive use of healthcare professionals.

Frozen Island

The quality that comes from cold

  Redifining the future
of biological sample management 
The “Frozen Island” from A. Menarini Diagnostics:  
an integrated solution that revolutionizes how intraoperative analysis and diagnosis are performed during urgent surgical procedures and transplants.

The quality of molecular analysis begins in the operating room with tissue sample acquisition and continues with processing, staining and analysis.

PrestoCHILL, PRESTO, PRESTO PRO, NAVIGO protect and leverage the value of biological samples throughout this process to provide accurate and reliable diagnoses, manage clinical risks, and ensure the best result for patients.

Diabetes Care Products


Advanced and accurate handheld potentiometric systems for patient testing.


Global presence


Headquartered in Italy, we operate in various countries around the world