30 Jul 2021

A Menarini Diagnostics launches a new Real Time PCR kit for SARS CoV-2 detection and variant screening, CE marked

Florence, July 30th, 2021 - Menarini Diagnostics, part of the Menarini Group, announced today the release of a new version of the CoronaMelt Kit launched in November 2020. The second-generation kit, CoronaMelt VAR, will combine SARS CoV-2 viral detection with concurrent genotyping of Alpha, Beta and Gamma variants (formerly known as UK, South African and Brazilian) in an IVD certified diagnostic format validated for use on laboratory Real Time PCR instruments.

Based on Real Time PCR with intercalating dye detection followed by High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis, the assay is designed with three targets for the sensitive detection of viral presence, one target specific for each variant and an endogenous control to check the entire workflow from sampling to analysis.

The new kit configuration will enable simultaneous detection of the presence of any variant and identification of three of the most common ones, helping to monitor the epidemiological development of the contagion and reducing the number of unknown samples to be analysed by DNA sequencing or by reflex Real Time PCR genotyping assays.

CoronaMelt VAR is validated for use from oro/nasopharyngeal swabs with the use of standard magnetic bead or column RNA purification solution. The kit is also included in the portfolio of assays that can be fully automated on the Omnia liquid handling series.

“We are extremely pleased with this new efficient solution to continue the fight against Covid-19, facilitating the identification of recurring variants in one single step, thus simplifying Covid-19 routines and epidemiology”, said Fabio Piazzalunga, General Manager of A. Menarini Diagnostics.   

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