Glucoject Lancets Plus 33G

The Glucoject Lancets PLUS 33G are sterile, single-use, personal lancets used to perform fingerstick punctures for collecting capillary blood.

The device consists of a steel lancet and a lancet body with protective cap.

Lancets remain sterile until the protective cap covering the lancet is removed.

Main features and benefits

Thin 33 Gauge (0.20 mm) COMFORT
32% thinner than 30-Gauge lancets.

Possibility of obtaining a sufficient blood sample with less pain.

Greater pricking comfort may encourage glucose monitoring in patients.
Universal shape COMPATIBILITY
Compatible with the majority of lancing devices available on the market.
Silicone coated needle
Delicate, gentle puncture.
No skin irritation.
Tri-beveled needle tip HIGH QUALITY
Stainless steel with electropolished needle tip.