Glucocard SM

Available in Italy, Protugal and Spain


GLUCOCARD SM allows to download blood glucose data to your mobile device via Bluetooth Smart technology.

The first time you send data from GLUCOCARD SM, download our app and pair your mobile device following the simple steps below.

Download and install GlucoLog Lite or GlucoLog Mobile on your mobile device and make sure the Bluetooth function is on.

Pair GLUCOCARD SM to your mobile device.
  1. Open the GlucoLog app, insert your personal data and select GLUCOCARD SM. Go to the Receive page.
  2. Turn the meter on by pressing  for 2 seconds, then press   to select BLE and confirm by pressing .
  3. Press to select -1- and to confirm.
  4. Press to select PrG (='pairing'): the Bluetooth symbol will start blinking.
  5. As the Bluetooth symbol blinks on the meter, confirm the pairing by pressing START on the Receive page of thhe GlucoLog app.
  6. On the meter, select the   icon by pressing and confirm with .

GLUCOCARD SM will now transmit test results to your mobile device after each blood glucose measurement, right after ejecting the test strip!

As the Bluetooth symbol blinks on the meter, just press START on the Receive page of the app.

It is an in-vitro diagnostic medical device

Tests must be carried out under the supervision of your doctor.

Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully.

Ministry of Health Authorisation 06/20/2018

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