ART-S20 is the queue management system designed for self patient check-in.

With ART-S20 you can achieve an optimal waiting time, reduce perceived waiting time and increase the quality of service.
ART-S20 allows customers to take a seat and reduce wait anxiety by understanding the current expected wait times. Priority access for specific patient categories can be managed (pregnant, infants, etc.)
By streamlining the patient flow and making it more efficient and structured, ART-S20 can increase staff satisfaction.

  • 27’’ FHD display kiosk with PCAP touchscreen
  • Optional scanner, MSR/SCR, NFC, Printer, Camera
  • Modular design for effortless setup
  • Quick access to components for easy maintenance
  • Flexible installation on a floor, a wall or a table
  • Compact, slim and elegant
  • Customizable for individual business needs