Intended use

Quantification of stable glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in human whole blood in the presence of hemoglobin variants for the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus
Samples Human whole venous blood and pre-hemolysed samples
Measurement principle                                                    Reversed-phase cation exchange chromatography
Measurement unit Peak calibration and result calculated in SI units (mmol/mol) - Conversion to NGSP % value via IFCC master equation
Measurement resolution 0.1 mmol/mol
Quantitative range                                 HbA1c: 9-195 mmol/mol, 3-20%
Processing speed 60 seconds per sample
Throughput 60 samples/hr
Minimum sample volume   1 mL in standard whole blood containers
Injection volume Whole blood samples: 5 μL
Minimum samples volume: 300 μL
Sample container Whole blood sample tube: (12.3-15 mm diameter) × (75-100 mm height) / Mixing function only with tubes of regular size: (12.3-13.2 mm diameter) × (75-85 mm height)
System operating environment Temperature: 10-30 °C; humidity: 20-80% R.H. (no condensation)
Column lifetime At least 6000 tests
Sample identification internal barcode reader
Display and printer 10.1" TFT color LCD screen and thermal printer
Power supply and consumption analyzer AC 100V~240V, 50-60 Hz, 250 VA
Dimensions LxWxH 722x730x729 mm
Weight 66 kg
Connectivity LIS: RS-232, RJ45 Ethernet, bidirectional protocol