SAMPLE-TO-RESULTS SYSTEM for the small lab or emergency setting

AFIAS-10 is the tailored solution adapted to the labs individual needs. A full automatic and integrated sample-to-result system, easy to use, versatile and flexible that can execute from 1 to 10 tests in parallel, from blood tubes, swabs or capillary samples. AFIAS-10 is a cost-effective solution that offer a very extensive immuno-assay menu. This fast solution will provide quick results to clinician to improve the outcome of the patient.


  • Only one system for both routine and STAT emergency testing
  • Diversified menu covering many disease areas (over 50 parameters)
  • Wide range of sample types available (whole blood, serum, plasma, nasopharyngeal swab)
  • Wide range sampling options (automatic from primary tube, C-tip capillary, pipette)
  • 10 parallel tests of different parameters at the same time


  • Result available from 3 min (CRP) and for msot assays in 10-12 min
  • Minimal manual hands-on with ready to use All-in One cartridges and ID chip calibration
  • Minimal sample preparation required (capillary blood)
  • Always ready for urgent tests with the STAT mode
  • No manual input of patient data with bi-directional LIS and HIS connectivity


  • No reagent preparation require with the All-in One cartridge system
  • No manual calibration with ID chip
  • Room temperture storage for most reagents
  • Bi-directional LIS and HIS minimises manual handling


  • High throughput: up to 50 tests/hour with automated results generation
  • Perform both routine and STAT testing with one system
  • All-in One cartridge system with all components included
  • ID chip calibration saves time and cost
  • Minimal operator maintenance
  • 24 test pack regent kits with excellent stability

AFIAS-10 is available in the following A.Menarini Diagnostics territories/countries:

European Union
United Kingdom
North Macedonia