Hb NEXT is the new reversed-phase cation exchange HPLC analyzer designed to deliver precise and accurate quantification of HbA1c, HbA2, HbF and major hemoglobin variants. Drawing on more than 35 years of daily customer contact and support, Hb NEXT is the response to a need for greater flexibility, productivity and reliability. In ONE single analyzer your laboratory has the possibility to freely choose between the TWO analysis modes available: Variant mode to measure HbA1c for Diabetes management and Thalassemia mode for the hemoglobinopathies screening. Using the same column and all reagent containers installed, the operator can easily switch the analysis mode, giving your laboratory the power to decide between THREE different working methods according to need.

This cutting-edge, fully automated system combines HPLC precision and variant detection with the rapid throughput your laboratory needs. Hb NEXT offers high performance, user-friendly steps, and no sample preparation. Most importantly, it delivers results clinicians can trust.


  • Sample type automatically recognized with only 2 rack versions: whole blood/pre-hemolysed; anemic samples
  • Automatic sample identification by tube rotation and barcode scanning
  • Sample stirring by sample tube inversion
  • Semi-automatic preparation of calibrators, controls and pre-hemolysed samples
  • Identification and traceability of reagents through QR code reading
  • Results are traceable to the IFCC reference method and reported in both IFCC (mmol/mol) and NGSP (%) units


  • Possibility to load reagents in duplicate with automatic switch and management
  • Full compatibility between different lots of eluents and column
  • No need to change column and reagents when switching between modes
  • Closed tube sampling for maximum safety to the operator
  • Minimized operator intervention without daily maintenance
  • High column lifetime with at least 6000 tests
  • Loader capacity for 50 or 110 sample tubes

Brochure available HERE