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ZENIT PRIME is the brand new A. Menarini Diagnostics random access system in chemiluminescence (CLIA) for the Autoimmunity Laboratory with a full panel of reagents and advanced features.


ZENIT PRIME is a fast, walk-away system to power up your autoimmunity diagnostic capability with automation:

  • Best analytical output: 120 tests/hour
  • First result in 25 minutes (2-step test)
  • Racks containing up to 972 disposable cuvettes and tips
  • On-board common reagents to perform over 1000 tests
  • Ready to use reagent cartridge for 50 or 100 tests


Accurate and reproducible results thanks to the CLIA (Immunoassay) method, which uses coated microparticles with a large and consistent coating area.

  • Interactive management of specific and common reagents stock
  • Disposable cuvettes
  • Disposable tips to avoid sample carry-over
  • Pipetting needle washing with decontaminant reagent