TGS Covid-19 IgG and TGS Covid-19 IgM assay for Zenit RA

The new automated TGS Covid-19 IgG Antibody test is now available in A. Menarini Diagnostics portfolio.

The assay is designed to run on Menarini Zenit RA (CLIA) instruments and is now CE-IVD marked with proven excellent sensitivity (100%, calculated on blood samples 21 days or more after onset of symptoms) and specificity (99.4%).

Offering a throughput of about 70 results/hour with the first one after 25 minutes, the assay is ideal for medium-big routines in Hospitals and Laboratories. The automation is total, with no manual handling needed and no special maintenance required on the machine.

Menarini TGS Covid-19 IgG assay provides a quantitative result, giving an indication of the antibody concentration (in arbitrary units) which could represent an added-on value to give important indications on the immunity status of the patient based on the levels of antibody found.

Two levels of Control material are available separately to be run every day along with the standard routine and ensure the quality of the results.

REF Code Name Description
51785 TGS Covid-19 IgG 100 tests
51787 TGS Covid-19 Control Set Two Levels, three vials each

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