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Zenit Reagents

The information to be found in this section is intended for the exclusive use of healthcare professionals.


A.Menarini Diagnostics Zenit IFA reagents are provided as complete kits or as spare slides and components to encounter the needs of every kind of laboratory.

Complete IFA Kits

Complete IFA kits include all the necessary to process the slides (for manual, semi-automated or totally automated use).

Complete IFA kits available in A.Menarini Diagnostics catalogue include:

  • Zenit ANA HEp-2 12w kit (available in different formats)
  • Zenit ANA DFS70 KO 12w kit (available in different formats)
  • Zenit ANCA Ethanol 6w kit
  • Zenit ANCA Formalin 6w kit
  • Zenit ANCA Ethanol + Formalin 6w kit
  • Zenit nDNA 6w kit
  • Zenit rKSL 8w kit
  • Zenit mKS 8w kit
  • Zenit mKSL 8w kit
  • Zenit EMA PDE 8w kit
  • Zenit EMA PSM 8w kit
  • Zenit HEp-2 mKS 8w kit
  • Zenit HEp-2 & mKSL 8w kit
  • Zenit HEp-2 & rKSL 8w kit
  • Zenit Keratin (Rat Esophagus) 8w kit
  • Zenit GBM (Primate kidney) 8w kit
  • Zenit ICA Primate Pancreas 8w kit

Substrate Slides

All the slides available as complete kits can be also sold separately or in boxes of 10 units each.

Single slides are also available for the following Primate substrates:

  • Primate Heart Muscle
  • Primate Ovary
  • Primate Testis
  • Primate Cerebellum
  • Primate Sciatic Nerve
  • Primate Thyroid
  • Primate Esophagus

All the necessary to process these slides can be purchased separately (reagents and consumables).

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