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D-Sight F 8

D-Sight F 8 is a brightfield and fluorescence slide scanner for digital pathology allowing fast, flexible and reliable navigation, acquisition, analysis, archiving and transfer of high quality digital images. The D-Sight F 8 has dedicated analysis modules for IHC (membrane, nuclei), TMA and ISH (Her-2 FISH, ALK FISH and translocations, FISH Spot Counting). 
The D-Sight F 8 can acquire images with low emission fluorochromes, using dual video cameras the images can either be monochrome or colour. It can be used in artificial or natural light without the risk of photobleacing the fluorescence preparations. Analysis can be performed on individual areas, nuclei and spots or whole preparations in manual or semi-automatic mode.

The automatic revolving system offers a choice of 7 different objectives for a wide range of selectable magnifications with high focus precision and a perfect image quality.

The digital microscope allows real-time slide browsing and workflow control from remote workstations. Unlimited remote access with password protection to acquired images,individual files and working environments is guaranteed by adedicated Web application.

D-Sight F 8 includes dedicated membrane and nuclei analysis modules for tumour analysis with standardised and reproducible evaluation methods. The TMA module is also fully integrated and permits the evaluation and scoring of several hundred samples on a single slide. D-Sight F 8 performs full-field image matching between brightfield and fluorescence images to perform FISH analysis in the same tumour area of a pre-analysed section. The D-Sight F 8 is a valuable support tool for diagnosis and targeted therapy thanks to the dedicated analysis modules. 

There is also a dedicated joystick – ENJOY – designed for both right and left handed use that facilitates navigation and management of images in the same way as a traditional microscope.