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sediMAx conTRUST

The information to be found in this section is intended for the exclusive use of healthcare professionals.

Sample Preparation:
Automatic, on-board
Sample volume:
Analysis volume:
0.2ml (200ul)
Up to 120 samples/hr
Load capacity:
100 sample tubes (10 samples x 10 racks)
Sample tube spec:
Ht 100 – 105 mm, Diam 16 – 17.5 mm
Barcode reader:
SediMAX cuvette pack:
50 cuvettes in 12 towers (600 cuvettes in total)
Cuvette carousel capacity:
600 cuvettes (50 x 12 towers)
On-board. 2000 rpm for 10 secs per sample
Automated microscopy analysis:
10, 15 & 20 high power fields (HPF) equivalent. Selectable
Final result:
Particle concentration (HPF or /ul) & identified category
Detected particles:
RBC, WBC, Hyaline casts, Pathological casts, Epithelial cells, Small round cells, Bacteria, Yeasts, Crystals: Calcium oxalatemonohydrate, Calcium oxalate dihydrate, Uric acid,Tri-phosphate, Mucus, Sperm
Resuls archieve:
10.000 sample results and images
Wash solution:
Distilled water (5L bottle), hypochlorite/ bleach solution
Waste bin capacity:
500 cuvettes
Size & weight:
600 x 600 x 600 (h,d,w). 58kg