Omnia 75 and Omnia PRO workstations for the automation of RNA extraction and PCR setup.
The two platforms are designed to streamline the microbiological analysis laboratory workflow and automate the major functions of the Real Time PCR process. 

1.    Samples in VTM tubes and individual reagent tubes are automatically identified through an on board barcode reader
2.    RNA extraction is performed using prefilled magnetic bead extraction solutions for rapid turnaround itme
3.    PCR plate setup is completed on the platforms, producing ready to seal plates for Real Time PCR
4.    Sample tracing information is directly transferred to the Thermal Cycler and, consequent to the result of the amplification, to the LIS. 
5.    Throughput  from VTM to PCR plate:


  • Omnia LH 75 up to 24 samples 1h10'   
  • Omnia PRO up to 48 samples  1h40' 





Solutions supported for COVID-19 detection CoronaMelt Var and Radi.