Zenit UP

The information to be found in this section is intended for the exclusive use of healthcare professionals.

Zenit UP

Fully automated processor for ELISA and IFA methods. The instrument is able to manage 4 ELISA microplates and 16 IFA slides simultaneously in the same work session; up to 10 tests can be run at a time
From 117 to 169 sample tubes of 13mm or from 90 to 130 sample tubes of 16mm; it is possibile to use different tube sizes in the same run
264 predilution cuvettes allow automatic sample predilution with optimization of cuvette number
Specific Reagent Racks:
Up to 10 specific reagent racks, each one with 1 reagent position and 8 calibrator/control positions
Common Reagent Rack
10 positions for shared reagents
Diluent Rack
6 or 7 positions for ELISA and IFA sample diluents
Bar Code Reader On Board:
Automatic reading of sample codes when the sample tubes are placed in the work area; the system is able to discriminate between not readable barcodes and missing sample tubes
Liquid Handling:
Very accurate and fast X-Y-Z movement with 3 independent needles; 2 to dispense and with its own liquid sensor, the third one dedicated to IFA slide washing
From 8μl to 1000μl, 1 μl resolution
Inaccuracy ± 1% at 100μl
Need Washing:
Internal and external washing in specific washing basin
External Reservoirs:
1 system liquid tank, 1 waste tank and 6 buffer tanks all equipped with level sensors


A user friendly software allows to setup the work list, run a session, create and store the patient reports. It runs under Windows XP and Windows 7 and shows several features:

− simultaneous execution of ELISA and IFA sessions − overnight incubations
− integrated bar code reader allowing automatic sample code acquisition − management of 3 row slides and mosaic slides (as HEp-2+Tissues)
− setup of a new work list also when a session is running − different levels of user permissions
− step by step session execution − host computer interface (LIS)
− print out of results, work lists, rack configurations − several instruments can be driven by the same PC


Elisa Reagents:
Optimized racks for calibrators, controls, sample diluents, conjugates, substrates, stop solutions and cleaning solution
Liquid Reservoirs:
4 tanks for microplate washing buffers
Single or duplicate dispensation of calibrators, controls and samples
Up to 4 microplates can be dispensed, washed, read and incubated independently from 36° to 45°C
Microplate Washing:
Two 8 nozzle on line manifolds able to self-conform to different microplate heights
Reading System:
8 independent photometric channels for mono and bichromatic readings
Optical Filters:
405nm, 450nm, 550nm e 620nm filters
Reading System:
± 1% from 0.000 to 1.500 OD; ± 2% from 1.500 to 3.000 OD
Settable Parameters:
Incubation time, sample and reagent volume, cut-off and calibration curve calculation, microplate frame, normal value intervals


Ifa Reagent:
Optimized racks for controls, sample diluents, conjugates and cleaning solution
Slide Rack:
Allotments for 16 slides
Slide Washing:
Continuous flow system for single well using 2 needles, one to dispense and the other one to aspirate
Dilution System:
Dilution ratios definable by the user, serial dilutions use two tubes only if necessary
Settable Parameters:
Incubation times for each assay; volume for samples and reagents; slide mask, number of wells and thickness for each slide; shape, size and coordinates for each slide wells; flow and duration of slide washing cycles


Communication Port:
Power Requirements:
230/115 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 650 W
cm 120 x 77 x 75 (L x P x H)