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Empower your digital pathology experience

Cutting-edge scanners, software solutions and networking tools

Experience the ease and reliability that comes with a complete smart digital pathology portfolio of next
generation instruments and solutions that enhance efficiency and drive quality in patient care, with the
flexibility that only A. Menarini Diagnostics can provide


  Compact brightfield
slide scanner

Everything you need on one, automated platform: the ideal solution for small labs to improve workflow efficiency, stimulate collaboration with telepathology tools and increase diagnostic confidence. 
• 2-slide tray and slot for fast slide preview
• 15.6-inch touch screen monitor and on-board processor
• Plug & play
• Motorized revolver with up to 4 high-res objectives and
high-quality scanning sensor
• Various hardware profiles
• Digital microscope for live mode slide browsing and remote
digital microscope 
  Brightfield slide scanner

Image perfection for a reliable and
flexible laboratory workflow.
• 8-slide capacity
• Motorized revolver with up to 7 high-res objectives and
high-quality scanning sensor
• Various hardware profiles
• 2 scanning speeds
• Digital microscope for live mode slide browsing and remote
digital microscope
  Brightfield and fluorescence
slide scanner

All-in-one, to deliver results in full
brightness and ensure the best
possible management and durability of fluorescence images, also in routine diagnostics.
• 8-slide capacity
• Motorized revolver with up to 7 high-res objectives
• Various hardware profiles
• Dual camera: monochrome and color
• Up to 6 fluorescence filters
• Digital microscope for live mode slide browsing and remote
digital microscope
“Enjoy” (optional): dedicated ambidextrous joystick to navigate images from remote stations like a traditional microscope.

Brilliant image viewing software

With the advanced image viewer, users can enjoy the
benefits of user-friendly software to:
• change magnification
• use the zoom function
• use the focus slider to view different layers in Z-stack
• manage the measuring, mark-up and text tools
• perform image analysis
• choose the file format for saving images.
Whether viewing digital slides on your Navigo monitor, or locally or remotely at your desktop, the intuitive interface and
customized workflows provide a consistently excellent viewing experience. 

Naviweb: your gateway to digitized images

The Naviweb web-based application makes the A.
Menarini Diagnostics slide scanners the ideal solution
for telepathology, providing remote access to digitized
slides from any web device with immediate image display
and navigation.

• No software to download or install
• Seamless multi-user sharing of digital slides
• Fast image streaming and instant notification
to remote users when a case is assigned for review
or real-time consultation
• Simultaneous examination of sample images
and synchronized navigation
• Easy navigation with the image viewer 

Diagnostic confidence,
when and where you need it

Enabling Collaboration  regardless of distance
Enabling collaboration regardless of distanceEnabling collaboration regardless of distance

  Intraoperative consultation

When a patient is undergoing surgery, rapid diagnostic decisions are required and every
minute counts.
The A. Menarini Diagnostics smart digital pathology portfolio changes the practice of pathology
by allowing remote examinations, offering a tailored workflow for intraoperative
consultation with instant remote access to expert review on digital slides.
  Transplantation telepathology

The shortage of donor organs for lifesaving transplants has led to the utilization of organs
from donors with underlying
conditions that require stringent perioperative evaluation.
In these circumstances
the pathologist serves as a gatekeeper to ensure that usable organs
are not discarded and defective organs are not inappropriately transplanted.
Telepathology with frozen sections is a powerful tool that can contribute to meeting
these goals.
  Consultation and second opinion

Specialized and difficult cases can challenge any pathologist. The A. Menarini Diagnostics
smart digital pathology solutions enable you to consult and get opinions on difficult
and urgent cases anytime/anywhere by easily connecting with colleagues in the same
organization or experts around the globe, in minutes, instead of days.

A new learning and training experience,
driven by sharing and technology

Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied

  E-learning and digital education for students

Learning pathology is a challenge and students must develop the skills to understand organ
and tissue structure, at the cellular level.
The A. Menarini Diagnostics smart digital pathology
portfolio provides a novel clinical case-based approach to teaching pathology
in medical schools and teaching hospitals through digital images, virtual online slides, and
a learning management system for training course distribution (e.g., Moodle).
   Virtual worshops/seminars, training courses, MDT meetings

The smart digital pathology solutions can help create an innovative sharing experience among
colleagues for training and non-clinical collaboration. The A. Menarini Diagnostics network integration
tools will help you develop a collaborative environment with a cost-effective solution.
Main benefits:
• Improve and harmonize pathology reports
• Reduce time spent at meetings and preparing for MDTMs
• Promote continuing education and connect professionals during congresses
  Quality control

Whole slide digital imaging can play a significant role in anatomic pathology quality assurance
initiatives, both inter and intra-laboratory. The A. Menarini Diagnostics smart digital pathology
portfolio provides
the necessary sharing, standardization and traceability tools
to plan quality control strategies in histology and cytology diagnostics.