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Type of device:
Desktop fully automated random access analyser
General chemistry as photometric assay. Immunology as photometric assay (Latex reagent available). ISE
Assay type:
1 point end, 2 point end, 1 point rate, 2 point rate
Type of calibration:
Straight, linear, Log-logit, Exponential, Spline
400 photometric tests per hour, 240 ISE test per hour.
Combined max 560 tests per hour
Incubation time:
One reagent assay 5 minutes (R1)
Two reagent assay, 5 minutes (R1) + 5 minutes for (R2)
9 second cycle time
Bar coding:
Laser scanner, enables faster scanning of reagents
Number of simultaneous measurement:
60 items (max) + Electrolyte: 3 items
Cuvette type:
Pyrex, permanent & numbered (results matched to cuvettes)
Cuvette size:
8 mm(W) x 6.23 mm (D) x 30 mm (H)
Path length:
6 mm
Number of cuvettes:
Volume range of cuvette:
150 µl – 450 µl
Cuvette Cleaning:
8 step cleaning (using purified water and wash solution)
IRU heating method:
Direct heat with silicon-rubber heater
IRU heating range:
37 +/- 0.3°C
Number of samples:
Max 92 (36 samples on the outer ring + 36 samples on the middle ring + 20 controls/calibrators on the inner ring)
Sample turntable:
Detachable type. Removable tray with sample tube holders. Barcode detection
Sample tube dimensions:
Diameter: 13 – 16 mm, Length: 75 – 100 mm
Cooling method for samples:
Cooling with Peltier modules, for controls and standards, (cooling only the tubes on the inner ring)
Emergency samples:
STAT sampling: Immediate sampling interruption
Sample programming:
1000 normal samples can be programmed
Sample bar coding:
Can use bar coded or non-bar coded, laser scanning
Sample pipette:
Pump type:
Syringe pump
Liquid level detection:
Micropipette with liquid level sensor by sensing a change of capacitance.
Bubble detection
Sample volume:
2 to 35 µl (0.1 µl/step). ISE: 100 µl
Sample type (User defined):
Serum, Plasma, Urine, Common
Reagent turntable:
Detachable type. Removable tray with reagent bottle holders
Number of reagents:
Maximum 60 reagent positions. 30x100 ml (or 50 ml) and 30x20 ml bottle positions
Cooling method for reagents:
Cooling with peltier modules. 8°C- 15°C
Reagent Inventory:
Calculation of remaining reagent volume and tests available
Reagent pipettes:
2 (one pipette for R1 and one pipette for R2)
Pump type:
Syringe pump
Liquid detection:
Micropipette with liquid level sensor by sensing a change in capacitance
Reagent Volume:
20 µl – 350 µl (1 µl/step) for both reagent pipettes
Reagents dispensed per test:
2 reagents
DTR method:
Direct Measurement of absorbance (1 or 2 wavelength measurement) in cuvette, bi-chromatic or monochromatic.
Selectable wavelength:
12 wavelength 340,380,415,450,510,546,570,600,660,700,750,800nm
Wavelength selection:
Diffraction Grating method
Light source:
Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Cooling for light source:
Air-cooled by fan
Stirring mechanism:
5-speed stirrer. Stick type rotating stirrer, optimized for each assay
ISE unit:
Integrated ISE unit
ISE measurement:
ISE analytes:
Na+, K+, Cl- ,
Power requirements:
100 to 120VAC, 9A(Max.)/200 to 240VAC, 4.5A(Max.), 50/60 Hz
Permissible voltage variation:
+/-10% (Max.)
User interface:
Windows XP, host communication by RS232C with Operational PC
Connection to host:
Via RS232 bi-directional interface
Ambient temperature:
15 to 30°C, 2°C/hour
45 to 85% (No dew condensation allowed)
Outside dimension (Main analyser):
970 mm (W) x 690 mm (D) x 580 mm (H)
Weight (Main analyser):
147 Kg (max)
Water consumption:
18 l/hour
Water supply:
Continuous feed. Pressurised supply. On-board reservoir (700 ml).
Prevents air entering analyser, therefore improves accuracy and precision
Water quality requirement:
NCCLS Type 1 or 2 (Other types may be acceptable- please contact A. MENARINI Diagnostics)
Auto start/ Shutoff:
Automatic sample dilution:
Yes. Pre-dilution and automatic re-assay with diluted sample/reduced/increased sample volume available
Water blank measurement:
Reagent blank measurement:
Test selection by profile:
Copy programmes:
Calculated tests:
Yes, 40 available
Result output formats:
Results can be output to any file on the hard drive or on a removable media e.g. USB memory stick
Data for multiple Reagents lots storable :
Display of calibration data:
Manipulation of calibration data:
Display of several control lots storable:
Display of control data:
Manipulation of raw data:
Raw data can be viewed and printed in table or graph format