The information to be found in this section is intended for the exclusive use of healthcare professionals.

Enhance diagnostic confidence with powerful analysis modules

Improve patient care with interpretations that can help increase consistency in diagnosis


Pathology images contain embedded prognostic data that may not be apparent to a pathologist. Mining these subtle features can provide better quantitative modeling to improve prediction of disease aggressiveness, patient outcomes and even response to specific targeted therapies. A. Menarini Diagnostics algorithms enhance overall system functionality through computer-assisted quantitative slide analysis to support treatment decisions with objective data and bring patient safety to the forefront.


Superior image quality: because details matter

Gold standard fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) is a valuable research and diagnostics technique; however, it requires the scientist to manually assess each slide using a fluorescent microscope, a procedure that can be laborious and time consuming. D-Sight automated scanners enable high quality image capture and consistent and accurate analysis of FISH slides, minimizing user interaction for a faster and more efficient workflow.

• Automatic previewing, barcode reading and scanning
• Suspension and tissue FISH analysis
• Brightfield and fluorescence image acquisition with the same machine
(D-Sight fluo)
• H&E / FISH Tissue Matching (D-Sight fluo)
• Automated capture, segmentation and cell classification
• Automated and user-defined nuclei segmentation
and spot thresholding

• Intuitive probe definition
• Interactive gallery of identified nuclei
• Darkfield preview for easy localization of fluorescent samples
• Automated filter switching and Z-stacking
• Motorized precision stage for up to 8 slides
• User friendly interface
• Analysis software tools, statistics,
annotations, custom report

FISH spot counting

• Automated cell segmentation, spot signals count and cell classification
• Statistical analysis of all counted cells
• User-defined cell clusters based on signal count or amplification ranges

FISH amplification is CE IVD certified for HER2 FISH testing when using Vysis PathVysion HER2 DNA Dual Color Probe Kit.
Other applications are for research use only.